…Sometimes the silver lining is all you’ve got left.

This year has been a hard year for many. But you already knew that. In fact, I bet if you are reading this, it has been a hard year for you, too.

Some folks have simply been uncomfortable, maybe cutting back on their meals out or buying less. Others have lost their homes, their jobs, their ability to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have personally struggled a great deal with staying positive in what feels like a hopeless battle against finances; against health; against life.

2009 has taught me first-hand what the saying, “They can’t take your head” means: At times I feel like what is in my mind is all I have for certain. Other things–homes, cars, furniture, memberships–can all disappear. But the ability to think for yourself doesn’t.

That has been an especially important lesson in a year which has taken most of what we’ve worked to have. We went through foreclosure, bankruptcy, job loss, relocation, a cancer scare and no longer even have a car.

Almost every month of 2009 we’ve had to rob Peter to pay Paul…skip the power bill to keep the water running; cancel doctors appointments to pay for groceries. Some months we weren’t able to juggle successfully and had a utility shut off or eviction threatened.

..and yet, I know we still have it pretty good. It doesn’t always feel like it, but I know we do. And I know we do, because I still have my mind and my ability to see the light when everything else is dark: At least we have running water to worry about keeping on; at least we have access to doctors even if going to one means eating Top Ramen a few times a week. At least we have each other, even if these circumstances bring out the worst in us.

So every day for the next year I am going to write what I am thankful for. And I sincerely hope you join me in doing so. I think it is especially important this year, with this economy, that we try extra-hard to remember what we do still have: our minds and our ability to be positive, despite everything.

So post your positivity here, post it on your own blog, spread it around where ever you can. Lets make this a year of  giving thanks, even in the most unexpected ways for the least expected things. Because, darn it, we still have our minds and our ability to do that, even if we don’t have anything else.


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